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Pseudomonas fluorescens

Pseudomonas Biofertilizer for plants
Pseudomonas Biofertilizer for plants

Pseudomonas fluorescens

The product is available in liquid formulation (@ of 1 some109 bacterial cells / ml) and powder formulation (@ of 1 some108 bacterial cells / gm).









Mode of Action:

This controls the pathogens by winning the substratum food contest.


Offers long-term regulation of the pathogens by secreting secondary metabolites that have antibiotic effects on the pathogen.

Dose and Method of Application:

Greenhouse Potting Mix or Soil Drench: To achieve uniform treatment, suspend Pseudomonas in sufficient water (1000 ml/100 L). Apply a greenhouse potting mix, soil or planting beds at a level of 200 ml per cubic meter (loose).

For Bulbs & Ornamental:

Until planting, dip bulbs in Pseudomonas 10 ml/liter suspension.

Seed Dressing:

Pseudomonas @ 6 ml per kg of seeds can be used to cover the seeds together with the necessary stickers / wetting agents.

Seedling Treatment:

Before planting, add Pseudomonas @ 10 ml / liter of water. No adverse side effects are caused by over-dose.

Drip System:

Upon thorough filtering, pseudomonas can be added by means of low-pressure watering nozzles like fan nozzles or other watering systems. Agitate to keep the suspension running. For best effect, prepare fertilizer for seeding or transplantation several days before it is used.

Soil Application:

You can combine the required amount of Pseudomonas with the organic fertilizer (@3 Liters of Pseudomonas with 1000 kg of organic fertilizer). Combine and apply it well.

Foliar Spray:

Blend together Pseudomonas@2 Liters / Ac. in 500 Liters of early plant water and spray. For better control, repeat the process once every 15 days.

Do not store treated / coated seeds for
more than 24 hours

Preparation of Spray Solution:

Pseudomonas should be thoroughly mixed with water and 10-15 minutes should be allowed to stand. Decant and use it on the same day in a new bowl. Sediment can be poured onto the pile of soil and compost, as some benefit remains.


Pseudomonas is fungicide-compatible. Do not combine herbicides and pesticides with tanks.


This increases the yield by improving the health of the crop by controlling the pathogenic disease.

1. It is eco-friendly and the ecological balance is maintained.

2. It does not cause problems with resistance, resurgence or residues.

3. It is a good molecule for use in IDM programs.


Pseudomonas fluorescens is an environment friendly biological fungicide based on highly active root and stem rot Pseudomonas fluorescens, sheath blights / leaf spots, mildews and other fungal diseases.

Pseudomonas fluorescens works through enzymes and antagonism on the hyphae of plant pathogens. Pseudomonas fluorescens seed treatment creates a protective area around plants.


Liquid preparation.


Do not use chemical bactericidal for 4-5 days before or after fluorescens-P use. Do not immediately apply fluorescence-P to seeds treated with chemical bactericides.

Shelf Life: 12 months