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Our Export process

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Agile - To simplify export process

Our Export Work process

  1. 1. Quick & Prompt Reply

    - We do revert / reply back to buyer enquiry within 12 hours.

  2. 2. Clarification & Detailing

    - We give our best learning to our customer on every aspect of our products & service in utmost clarity.

  3. 3. Order Confirmation

    - We follow a stringent process in order confirmation and every statements are clear, crisp and transparent.

  4. 4. Cargo & Transportation

    - We work only with trusted vendors on cargo movement as transportation is only most important activity of Aginex.

  5. 5. Communication

    - We deliver a transparent communication on every update to our buyers and making them comfortable on working with us.

  6. 6. Quality Check

    - We adhere to 7 step quality check and inspection process from material manufacturing to packing which helps us in delivering utmost perfect product.

  7. 7. Shipment

    - Our shipment plan and process is very clear with perfect documents as required by customs clearance at destination.

  8. 8. Updates

    - We have a team to people who communicate every single update on shipment to the buyer and make the buyer - seller process easy.

  9. 9. Confirmation

    - We double check with buyer to ensure the materials are received at good note.

  10. 10. Building Relationship

    - We consider every buyer as our family member. We treat every buyer as business enhancer and do maintain the relationship at its best.